A premier cardiology practice

Since 2005 our providers have been providing the most comprehensive cardiology services in the area.

We are proud to be the only independent cardiology practice in Salt Lake City.

We participate with all local major health care facilities and most insurance plans.

We have relationships with all local area hospitals and can treatment at any local facility preferred by you or your insurance if hospital treatment is necessary.

Most physicians refer themselves, their friends, or their family here when they need a cardiologist.   
We are probably your doctors doctor.

Trusted by over 27,000 patients 


Valued by hundreds of medical providers

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Integrated healthcare for patients

Dr. Miller voted
Best Cardiologist of State 2018

Integrated prevention, evaluation and treatment of all cardiac conditions from simple to complex. 

All  forms of arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, valvular disease, congenital and structural heart disease, aortopathies, carotid, and peripheral disease.

Advanced in-office diagnostic testing.

Lower patient out-of-pocket cost and lower cost to insurance.

Outstanding communication with patients and their referring providers through secure messaging, email, and Web Chat.

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Comprehensive Solution for Providers

We will process all of your referrals on all of your patients regardless of insurance.  If we do not participate with a patient’s insurance plan, we will schedule your referral at another appropriate facility.

When we have received your referral, we will contact the patient, obtain the necessary pre-authorizations, schedule according to the referral, and send you reports when results are complete.

  • Call 801-281-4278
  • Fax 801-281-5960
  • Fast track referrals if desired (select option on referral or contact Dr. Miller).
  • Use our secure website referral form.
  • Download our referral form and fax to us.
  • Contact us on OhMD for secure messaging.
  • Contact us on Web Chat (lower right hand section of your screen).
  • Request secure email correspondence.
  • Call or text Dr. Miller directly on his cell phone. 
    If you don’t have the number, request it.

What our patients say about us

Average of all survey results.  Maximum score is 5.

Ovarall experience in our office
Recommend us to friends or family
Willing to see the same provider again
Confidence in provider

Comments from our patients

Taken directly from our survey

  • Dr. Miller was very interested in my overall health and took excellent time to consider all aspects to come up with the best treatment plan for my situation.

  • Cassidy is so wonderful and caring!

  • Walked in without appointment.  They took me right in and helped me.

  • I appreciated Dr. Miller taking time to be thorough and address all our concerns. He carefully/compassionately explained best treatment options/risks for my elderly mother. He provided his cell number to call/text if needed. He sent Rx refills promptly.

  • Great facility.

  • Good patient care by the receptionists - making the patients feel welcome.

  • Pleasant visit, went smooth, office running appointments on-time, polite/patient assistants, had all our questions answered.

  • MA seemed very experienced with helping patients and asking for the needed information for the appointment.

  • Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I actually look forward to my visits! Both Cassity and Dr. Miller take whatever time is needed to listen to my concerns and evaluate my health.

  • He always takes the time to listen and answer my questions.

  • I had need of having the stress test quickly because I was planning to leave the country very soon. Your office got me in within two days! I appreciate the entire office from the young woman who answered the phone to Hector who performed the stress test. Hector stayed after hours to make sure I was taken care of. Now I can get on the airplane without worry. Thank you so much for your great care!

  • I always have to wait a little for the appointment, but it's because he is so thorough. They also always offer water or snacks while waiting.

  • The whole office is the most efficiently run doctors office I’ve seen, by far.

  • Josh was very kind and helpful. He was considerate and treated me with respect! I can't say enough about how friendly and thoughtful he was!

Integrated prevention, evaluation and treatment of all cardiac conditions
from simple to complex.

–Everything Heart–

Some of Our Areas of Expertise

We understand the nuances and preferred treatment options unique to each patient.

Diagnostic Dilemmas
Coronary Artery Disease
Aortic Disease
Heart Failure
Atrial Fibrillation
Valve Disease
Carotid Disease
Peripheral Arterial Disease

In-Office Testing

3 echo labs accredited by ICAEL.  Nuclear lab accredited by ICANL.

Stress Echo
Holter Monitoring
Event Monitoring
Carotid Ultrasound
AAA Ultrasound/ABI
Stress Perfusion Imaging
Health and Wellness


Murray Office

5292 South College Drive
Suite 201
Salt Lake City, UT  84123

Phone: 801-281-HART (4278)
Fax: 801-281-5960

Hours of operation

Monday through Friday

8 am to 5 pm


Magna Office

3665 South 8400 West
Suite 240
Magna, UT  84044

Phone: 801-281-HART (4278)
Fax: 801-281-5960

Hours of operation

Wednesday: 8 am to 5 pm

Friday: 1 pm to 5 pm



Contact Us!

Call  801-281-HART (4278)
Fax  801-281-5960

Fill out the form!  We will get right back to you.

Contact us on Web Chat.

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Navigating your health


Kardia (AliveCor)

Device to monitor your heart rhythm using either iPhone or Android

To get more information or purchase the Kardia device, click the icon or here

Download the app and set up an account

Create a PDF from the tracing

Text any concerning tracings to Dr. Miller


US News Diet Review

Good Rx

Use this to find the lowest local cost of your medications

Enter a medication name and zip code.  You will see what the cost is in pharmacies in the zip code area

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The definitive database of medications, uses, and drug interactions

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Patient Portal

  • Schedule, re-schedule, or cancel appointments online.
  • Receive appointment confirmation/reminder notifications.
  • Request refills of your medications.
  • View the results of labs, imaging studies, and procedures after they have been reviewed by one of our providers.

Access the patient portal by clicking the icon or here.

Merck Manual

This is a reliable source of medical information used in medical schools.  This version is written in language appropriate for a general consumer.

Click the icon or here

The professional (physician) version is here



Lowering The Cost of Your Medications

We do not endorse, promote, validate or guarantee the integrity or accuracy of any of the following sites.  They are simply considerations


eDrug Search (Canadian pharmacies)

Quality Prescriptions (Canadian and international pharmacies)



Calculators to determine risk and prognosis

Atrial Fibrillaltion Calculators

ChadsVasc to determine the risk of stroke related to atrial fibrillation

Has-Bled to determine risk of major bleeding on blood thinners

Framingham AF Score to determine 10 year risk of developing atrial fibrillation

Framingham Heart Failure in Atrial Fibrillation to determine 10 year risk of developing heart failure due to atrial fibrillation

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Calculators

All calculators are designed to predict risk of developing coronary artery disease. 

Framingham 10 year risk

Framingham 30 year risk

ASCVD you have LDL under 190 and want both a 10 year and lifetime risk of developing coronary artery disease

Reynolds Risk Score only useful if you are healthy and do not have diabetes

Syncope Calculators

OESIL Score for detecting 12 month all cause mortality after syncope

Stroke Calculators

RACE to predict acute stroke

Understand the landscape


list of what we DO NOT take (list may not be complete)

We take most insurance plans.  It is easier to list what insurance plans we do not take.  Please call your insurance company or submit an inquiry to our billing for verification. 

Blue Cross Focal Point

Humana X Plan (Obamacare plan)

All out of state medicaid plans

Medicaid Health Choice Utah


Select Health Share Plan

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

Select Health Valuecare

University Premier State Plan

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