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Common Questions

  • Generally no.  But some insurance requires a referral from your primary care provider.  Call your insurance company to confirm

  • We take most insurance.  There are several we don’t take.  See the list –below–

  • Yes.  We will send copies of all in-office tests and visit notes to your primary care and any other providers you wish

  • You will receive an automatic reminder before your appointment through voicemail, email, and/or text messaging depending on your preferences

    After your appointment, you will receive a request for feedback on your experience

  • You will get the final report from the provider who ordered the test.  You may receive a preliminary result from the cardiologist in the office depending on the type of test

    If you are a patient in the office, final results will be reviewed at your follow up appointment

    There are several ways to get results to you if you like to keep your own records

    We do not have a no-news-is-good-news policyIf you are unsure, get your own results

    Our technologists will not provide any information about test results.  Our policy is that final results must come from a medical provider

Refer a patient or talk to us

Call 801-281-4278

Fax 801-281-5960

Use our secure website referral form

Download our referral form and fax to us

Contact us on OhMD

Contact us on Web Chat

Request secure email correspondence

Call or text Dr. Miller directly on his cell phone.  If you don’t have the number, request it.

We will process all of your referrals on all of your patients regardless of insurance.  If we do not participate with a patient’s insurance plan, we will schedule your referral at another appropriate facility

When we have received your referral, we will contact the patient, obtain the necessary pre-authorizations, schedule according to the referral, and send you reports when results are complete

Why will you like working with us?

You will always get reports reports on your patients.  When appropriate, you will be notified by phone call or message with significant developments in a patients case or care.

We bring extensive experience, training, and clinical judgement to all aspects of cardiology.  We are current on latest guidelines and can save your patient having to see multiple cardiologists.

The cost of diagnostic testing up to 100 times more expensive in an out-patient hospital setting.  Your patients out-of pocket costs for testing will be far less. 

We will fast track any referrals.  We can usually accommodate urgent issue same or next day

We can often help avoid unnecessary ER visits by being available at any time

We have 24/7 access to providers for questions, curb-sides, EKG reviews 

Patients will always be encouraged to continue care with you for treatment of issues outside of the scope of our practice

A premier cardiology practice

Since 2005 our providers have been providing the most comprehensive cardiology services in the area

We are proud to be the only independent cardiology practice in Salt Lake City

We participate with all local major health care facilities and most insurance plans.  We have relationships with all local area hospitals and can treatment at any local facility preferred by you or your insurance if hospital treatment is necessary

Trusted by over 27,000 patients 


Valued by hundreds of medical providers


Everything Heart Complete in-office evaluation, testing, and treatment of all cardiovascular related problems


Coronary artery disease
Congestive heart failure
Carotid and peripheral disease
Disease of the aorta
Valve disease
Health and Wellness

In-office testing

Stress echo
Stress myocardial perfusion
Holter/event monitoring
Carotid ultrasound
AAA ultrasound
Ankle brachial index
Body impedence analysis

Device management

Defibrillator (ICD)

Health and wellness

Risk factor management


Using the Website here are some of the cool things you can do

  • Some of our communication systems are secure (meaning it is safe to convey your personal health information).  Others are more convenient but not appropriate for this type of information.

    Secure communication we offer
    • Secure email
    • Secure web-forms (billing and clinical support)
    • Referrals and appointment requests
    • Surveys
    • Patient portal
    • OhMD
    • Medical records upload to our secure site
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    NOT secure communication methods
    • Web Chat
    • Facebook messenger
    • Conventional email

Talking To Us direct access to your records, providers, and staff is awesome!

This space will be filled up soon!

Offices two convenient locations

Murray Office

5292 South College Drive
Suite 201
Salt Lake City, UT  84123

Phone: 801-281-HART (4278)
Fax: 801-281-5960

Magna Office

3665 South 8400 West
Suite 240
Magna, UT  84044

Phone: 801-281-HART (4278)
Fax: 801-281-5960

Contact Us!

Call us!  801-281-HART (4278)
Fax us!  801-281-5960

Contact us through the Patient Portal
or fill out the form!  We will get right back to you

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Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Familial disorders
Health and wellness
Risk factor management

Diagnostic Testing

Stress echo
Stress myocardial perfusion
Holter Monitoring
Event monitoring
Carotid ultrasound
AAA screening
Body composition analysis
Ankle brachial index
Coronary calcium CT

Valve Disease

Aortic stenosis
Bicuspid aortic valve
Aortic insufficiency
Mitral stenosis
Mitral valve prolapse
Mitral insufficiency
Pulmonic and tricuspid valve disease

Risk Factor Management

Cholesterol disorders
Family history


Atrial fibrillation/flutter
Ventricular tachycardia
Long QT

Vascular Disease

Coronary artery disease
Peripheral vascular disease
Cartotid atherosclerosis
Aortic atherosclerosis

Aortic Disease

Aortic aneurysm and dissection

Device Management


Structural Heart Disease

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Kardia (AliveCor)

Device to monitor your heart rhythm using either iPhone or Android

To get more information or purchase the Kardia device, click the icon or here

Download the app and set up an account

Create a PDF from the tracing

Text any concerning tracings to Dr. Miller


US News Diet Review

US News and World Report published a wonderful review of the best diets

Click the icon or here


Good Rx

Use this to find the lowest local cost of your medications

Enter a medication name and zip code.  You will see what the cost is in pharmacies in the zip code area

Click the icon or here



The definitive database of medications, uses, and drug interactions

Click the icon or here


Patient Portal

Communicate with us

Change appointments

Review test results

Access the patient portal by clicking the icon or here




Merck Manual

This is a reliable source of medical information used in medical schools.  This version is written in language appropriate for a general consumer.

Click the icon or here

The professional (physician) version is here



Lowering The Cost of Your Medications

We do not endorse, promote, validate or guarantee the integrity or accuracy of any of the following sites.  They are simply considerations


eDrug Search (Canadian pharmacies)

Quality Prescriptions (Canadian and international pharmacies)



Various calculators to determine risk and prognosis

Atrial Fibrillaltion Calculators

ChadsVasc to determine the risk of stroke related to atrial fibrillation

Has-Bled to determine risk of major bleeding on blood thinners

Framingham AF Score to determine 10 year risk of developing atrial fibrillation

Framingham Heart Failure in Atrial Fibrillation to determine 10 year risk of developing heart failure due to atrial fibrillation

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Calculators

All calculators are designed to predict risk of developing coronary artery disease. 

Framingham 10 year risk

Framingham 30 year risk

ASCVD you have LDL under 190 and want both a 10 year and lifetime risk of developing coronary artery disease

Reynolds Risk Score only useful if you are healthy and do not have diabetes

Syncope Calculators

OESIL Score for detecting 12 month all cause mortality after syncope

Stroke Calculators

RACE to predict acute stroke



We take most insurance plans.  It is easier to list what insurance plans we do not take.  Please call your insurance company or submit an inquiry to our billing for verification. 

Insurance plans that we do NOT take (list may not be complete)

Blue Cross Focal Point

Humana X Plan (Obamacare plan)

All out of state medicaid plans

Medicaid Health Choice Utah


Select Health Share Plan

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

Select Health Valuecare

University Premier State Plan


Please tell us how we can improve.  We would like to know what we are doing right and what we need to do better

Our service
Our staff
Our providers
Our office
Our processes
What else we should include (or remove) from the website
What else you would like to see or be able to do in the office or through the internet

Or whatever else you think would be helpful

Thank you!