Navigating Your Heart Health

Understanding the complexities of cardiovascular health is an important part of recovery and wellness. Intermountain Heart Center can help you and your family navigate those complexities, helping you make important decisions about your heart care with confidence. 

Intermountain Heart Center Services 


Cardiovascular consultations are extremely valuable in identifying any needed treatments or risk regarding your cardiac health. Whether discussing cardiac problems or current health concerns, consultation allows you to better understand treatment options for optimizing your heart health.

Chest Pain
Shortness of Breath
Familial Disorder
Health and Wellness
Risk Factor Management

Providing Non-Invasive Diagnostics

Intermountain Heart Center provides the latest advancements in diagnostic procedures that allow you to get a deep understanding of disease, injury, and congenital (present at birth) or acquired abnormalities of the heart. Learn more about the many test available to diagnose your cardio and vascular needs.

What was once inaccessible is now accessible.

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