Stephen Miller MD FACC


Dr. Miller attended the University of Utah receiving a bachelors degree in Physics. He attended the University of Utah Medical School and completed his residency and fellowship at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
He practiced within the Intermountain Healthcare system from 1998-2005 and started the independent practice of Intermountain Heart Center in 2005.

Wisdom to see the entire medical landscape, knowledgeable where the hazards are located, aware of potential medication conflicts, and experienced to know how to guide to the chosen horizon.
Evidence-based recommendations; support if recommended therapy conflicts with a patient’s personal preference.
Willingness to challenge previous diagnosis and treatment.
Not owned by a corporate healthcare system with no personal incentive to promote invasive or risky procedures. 


A private general cardiology practice since 2005.
We exist to cause others to prevail.  To do so requires us to provide you with clarity, wisdom, and resilience.
Experts in the evaluation and treatment of all cardiac conditions from simple to complex. 
All  forms of arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, valvular disease, congenital and structural heart disease, aortopathies, carotid, and peripheral disease.
A focus is on prevention, patient empowerment, natural therapy when possible, medical therapy or procedures when necessary.