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For Patients

A private general cardiology practice since 2005.

Integrated prevention, evaluation and treatment of all cardiac conditions from simple to complex. 

All  forms of arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, valvular disease, congenital and structural heart disease, aortopathies, carotid, and peripheral disease.

Advanced in-office diagnostic testing.

Lower patient out-of-pocket cost and lower cost to insurance.

Outstanding communication with patients and their referring providers.

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For Providers

We will process all of your referrals on all of your patients regardless of insurance.  If we do not participate with a patient’s insurance plan, we will schedule your referral at another appropriate facility.

When we have received your referral, we will contact the patient, obtain the necessary pre-authorizations, schedule according to the referral, and send you reports when results are complete.

Lots of ways we make you and your patients happy

Schedule an appointment

  • Call 801-281-4278
  • Fax 801-281-5960
  • Fast track referrals if desired (select option on referral or contact Dr. Miller).
  • Use our secure website referral form.
  • Download our referral form and fax to us.
  • Contact us on OhMD for secure messaging.
  • Contact us on Web Chat (lower right hand section of your screen). 
  • Request secure email correspondence.
  • Call or text Dr. Miller directly on his cell phone. 
    If you don’t have the number, request it.

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